Sports & Literacy: Crucial Elements of Your Child’s Life

For kids (and all of us, really), life can be an aggregation of anxiety and stress. It’s full of social and academic pressures. Children and teens seek an oasis from this drudgery just like we do. Often they turn to tiny screens filled with social media, video games, or whatever their favorite apps happen to be. Those distractions aren’t necessarily bad things, but suggesting activities such as sports and literacy can have a big impact on how your child develops and create lifelong habits for them.

Strangely enough, it seems like sports and literacy are often pitted against one another. It’s the nerd versus jock stereotype, right? But in actuality, they can go hand in hand and help to build similar habits. The benefits of these two facets of life are numerous, but I’m going to detail some of my favorites:


Social Skills

Sports can develop or round out many different social skills. Teamwork, participation, effort, practice, dedication, communication – I feel like I could go on and on. These skills won’t be limited to the playing field either. They will use them in school and in their careers.


Exercise is an obvious one, but it is crucial to kid’s lives:

  • Higher activity rates in children are correlated with higher test scores.
  • Exercise lowers the risk of many diseases and obesity.
  • Frequent exercise decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety in children.

Life Lessons

Athletics are competitions and in competitions, there are usually winners and losers. Sports can help kids learn how to cope with the fact that life is not perfect and sometimes you might lose or fail. Often times, those moments are the ones where we learn the most and motivate us to improve.


Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes

The world of literature is filled with characters with different stories and worldviews. Connecting with these characters who have different values or perspectives and seeing that these characters are just like the reader produces empathy for others that kids might not get otherwise. Often times these experiences might not come unless you can travel the globe. The good news is that going to your local library is more affordable than traveling the world.


Reading outside of the formal classroom is a large boon to your child’s learning. It will boost their vocabulary and make them more comfortable with school texts. Research indicates that when children are reached with high quality early learning experiences, they are 40% less likely to fall behind in school and 70% more likely to graduate from high school.


Health can be a key benefit of reading, too. But perhaps it is less obvious than in sports. Reading has been shown to improve memorization. Getting engrossed in a story also reduces stress or anxiety. Creating a bedtime ritual of reading will also aid in sleep.

The great thing about sports and literacy is that you can start building passion and habits for them right now. It is as easy as heading to your local library, turning off the TV, reading to your kids, or going outside to play kick a soccer ball as a family.


Now Available for Pre-order – Crunch Time Cam

I’ve been working to polish up the manuscript for Crunch Time Cam and I think it’s finally ready! Cam’s ready to hit the hardwood, if you will.

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Cam takes on these challenges among many others including injuries, academics, and rivalries to try to live up the family name.

I’ll also be offering a paperback version in December for a discounted rate, so be on the lookout for that.

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Looking for Beta Readers!

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What Do Beta Readers Get?

  1. My eternal gratitude.
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Special Podcast Episode Announced

Those who follow the Home Impodcast will know that we like to do something different when Christmas rolls around. Adam and I break away from the weekly grind of the Home Improvement season and cover a related Christmas movie.

Last year was easy. The Santa Clause was an easy choice and we spend almost two hours discussing the logistics of Scott Calvin becoming Santa. This year, we had a choice to The Santa Clause series or do we start something new? After all, there is Christmas with the Kranks and Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s I’ll Be Home for Christmas. So instead of choosing ourselves, we put it to a vote and let the fans decide. 30 votes later, we have a winner.


Turns out we will be continuing The Santa Clause tradition! Stay tuned until later in December when we release this two-part Christmas present to our loyal listeners.

Coaching Youth Basketball Now Available in Paperback

My first book, Coaching Youth Basketball: Offensive Strategies, is now available in paperback in addition to the already existing ebook! Shout out to Createspace for being an awesome resource for writers.

Createspace is a print on demand option that is owned by Amazon. They have an easy process that allows you to format your book, preview it, and sell it. The service costs you nothing up front (although they offer additional services like cover design). The cost for printing your books is taken out of your book sales.

You could always lower this cost per unit by printing a bunch of copies of your book and selling them individually, but then you have to worry about storing the extras and shipping them out. Createspace kind of offers this option as well because they offer author copies which are discounted.

A big thing for me is location. I can have a paperback, but if my readers can’t find it, it’s useless. Luckily, they make it a cinch to get your paperback in the Amazon store as well. Since Createspace is owned by Amazon, it will link up with your already existing ebook page.

I think loads of people have a dream to write their own book and seeing it physical form takes on a slightly different meaning than an ebook.

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