Coaching Youth Basketball Offensive Strategies eBook and Book CoverCoaching Youth Basketball: Offensive Strategies (Non-fiction)

In Coaching Youth Basketball: Offensive Strategies, longtime point guard, avid fan, and experienced coach Jordan Lyons explains common basketball terminology as well as shares some of his favorite drills, offensive sets, and tips.

Develop and hone your players’ passing, dribbling, screening, and cutting skills with a collection of “skill drills.” Then, you’ll be set up for success as this book walks you through written and visual descriptions of four basic youth basketball offenses that your team can run no matter the age or skill level. Coaching Youth Basketball: Offensive Strategies has everything you’ll need to build a solid team on offense this basketball season.



Crunch Time Cam eBook and Book CoverCrunch Time Cam (Fiction)

Basketball is in Cameron Flint’s blood. His brothers are taking the state by storm with their play on the school’s varsity team. Cam hopes he can do the same one day, but he’s got a few years to go. Now that he’s finally old enough to join the local league, Cam is eager to live up to the family legacy there. He has the talent, but there’s only one problem: Cam’s teammates have barely played basketball before. Can Cameron’s explosive play elevate his team to the level of league champions or will he fail to live up to the family name?

Crunch Time Cam is a fast-paced, action-packed sports novel for young readers that reminds us that basketball is a team sport.