Coaching Youth Basketball Now Available in Paperback

Amazon Createspace image for creating paperback books on demand

My first book, Coaching Youth Basketball: Offensive Strategies, is now available in paperback in addition to the already existing ebook! Shout out to Createspace for being an awesome resource for writers.

Createspace is a print on demand option that is owned by Amazon. They have an easy process that allows you to format your book, preview it, and sell it. The service costs you nothing up front (although they offer additional services like cover design). The cost for printing your books is taken out of your book sales.

You could always lower this cost per unit by printing a bunch of copies of your book and selling them individually, but then you have to worry about storing the extras and shipping them out. Createspace kind of offers this option as well because they offer author copies which are discounted.

A big thing for me is location. I can have a paperback, but if my readers can’t find it, it’s useless. Luckily, they make it a cinch to get your paperback in the Amazon store as well. Since Createspace is owned by Amazon, it will link up with your already existing ebook page.

I think loads of people have a dream to write their own book and seeing it physical form takes on a slightly different meaning than an ebook.

Don’t forget to snag your copy of my coaching book below!



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